Preparing for your pet’s stay

  • Please call or email to inquire about availability.  Summer months and holidays often book 3-4 weeks or more in advance.
  • If necessary, update your pet’s vaccinations 3-4 weeks in advance of their stay and email or send copies of your records to us for your file.
  • If your pet has separation anxiety, please talk to your vet ahead of time about options that may make your pet’s stay more pleasant for them.  Most pets do very well for 3-4 days, however, pets with anxiety may require additional emotional support, especially for longer stays.  We will do our best to keep your pet comfortable and distracted.  You may want to bring some “home” things to comfort your pet.  A “T”shirt that you’ve been wearing will smell like you and bring an anxious pet comfort.  Consider bringing something for your pet to chew on such as antlers or chew toys.
  • Please leave large, expensive, or difficult to clean items such as beds, blankets, duffel bags and back packs at home.  We have limited storage space and these types of items may become safety hazards.  Please be aware that some dogs find it necessary to mark territory on just about everything, including your property.  Occasionally some things may need to be washed, removed, or separated from your pet.  Please notify us right away if one of your pet’s items does not make it home.
  • Please bring your pet’s dry food and treats in a plastic or rubber container, a coffee can, an ice cream bucket, or some other hard, sealable container clearly marked with your pet’s name.  PLEASE, NO FOOD BAGS or ZIP-LOCK BAGS.  Accidents happen, and we would hate to have your pet’s food spilled on the floor (for some other dog to vacuum up!)
  • Please bring extra food for your pet.  Pets sometimes don’t eat like they do at home.  When they play hard, they may require more food.  If your return is delayed, they may require more food.
  • Please bring any medications or vitamins your pet requires in a Daily Pill Planner, clearly marked with your pet’s name.  This will help insure the right doses at the right time of day.  Please bring the original labeled container in case we need to identify the medication.
  • Your Emergency Contact should be someone who IS NOT traveling with you.  This should be someone you would trust to move or care for your pet in the event of an extreme emergency.  We will always try to contact you first, however, cell phones don’t always work.  Leave your pet with a back-up plan in the event we are unable to contact you.


…with any questions or concerns you have regarding your pet’s stay.  Please let us know how we can serve you and your pet better.


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