Suites for dogs We have 6 Suites available for dogs to stay in. Your pet can stay in a private Suite with glass doors, windows, and tiled floors. Suites have either Kuranda Pro raised pet beds or Toddler beds with mattresses [and blankets during chilly weather]. Your pet can relax in privacy and comfort after coming in from outside play time. Suites are best for introverted, older, or reactive dogs that need time to decompress after social time. We supply stainless steel bowls, clean bedding, and comforting aromatherapy while your pet stays with us. Canine Suites are $37 per night [tax included] per dog, $27 per night for each additional dog. Any damage to suites will be billed to the owner.

Bunk House

Bunk House Boarding is the traditional style of boarding, each private bunk has solid walls for privacy with a fence gate so that your dog can see what’s going on around him. Bunk house kennels have 3 different sizes including family style that can comfortably house two to three large dogs or giant dogs weighing over 100lbs.

We have extra-large kennels for families of 2 to 3 small dogs and individual bunks for labs, Shepard, and retriever size dogs.

Dogs bunking together must be from the same household and be non-reactive with toys and food. If your dogs need to be fed separately, they will be bunked separately but across from each other. Each space has a raised Kuranda bed, blankets during chilly weather, and stainless-steel bowls. Please let us know if your dog eats non-food items like blankets. Bunk house boarding is $32 per night [tax included] per dog, $22 per night for each additional dog staying with us.

Day stays Bring your pup at 8am and leave them for the day as late as 7pm. We will care for them, feed them, make sure they have fresh water and play time outside. Availability is limited on weekends and holidays. $15 per day [tax included] or $50 per week.

Bunk House 1

Cat Suites

Cat suites- Currently, we have two cat suites available for our guests to stay in.

Each room [not cages] has a kuranda tree, comfy blankets to give them hiding places, wall shelves for perches, gourmet from the field catnip, stainless-steel bowls, and litter boxes. We provide cat litter unless your kitty is particular about the brand. You are welcome to bring their favorite toys. Cat Suites are $20 per night, $10 for each additional cat per night in the same suite.

Making Your Reservations

To make reservations, please call or text at 715-879-4554.

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Cancelation Policy

Cancellation Policy Let’s face it, the last couple of years have been one surprise after another and the price of everything has gone up and up. We realize that stuff happens that may be out of our control. We treat you like we want to be treated so with that said, please let us know as soon as you know that you will not be keeping your reservation. We will not charge you a cancellation fee unless it happens more than once.

Thank you for supporting our small business!