Dog Boarding

You have your choice of either First-Class Luxury Suites or Standard Bunkhouse Boarding for your dog.


The First-Class Luxury Suites are spacious rooms with tiled walls and floors, glass doors and fully furnished with super comfy dog beds, blankets and pillows.

The Luxury suites are for those dog parents that want the best for their sweet baby and to be spoiled to the max! 🙂

These luxury suites work best if your furry family member is more quiet & calm, since these rooms are more fancy, they are more vunerable to damage if your dog is more high-energy.

If you would like more privacy and your dog treated like the king and/or king they are, these luxury suites are for you!

In addition to the more luxurious surroundings, your dog also gets more premium treats, cuddle time, belly rubs, massages.

Your loving pet will get more attention and cuddles from our dog-loving staff - kinda like what you would find if you flew first-class on a flight. 🙂

All included at no extra cost to you. Your dogs are probably really cute so they rightfully deserve to be interacted with more! <3

As for the Bunkhouse boarding, that works great if your dog is more active and extroverted.

Regardless of where your pet stays, they will still have their own room/bunk, get plenty of fresh water, attention and time outside.

If you are unsure if your dog would be more comfortable in the Suites or Bunk house, feel free to ask. We would be happy to answer some questions and honestly let you know where your pet seems most comfortable.

Feel free to call and ask us about getting a tour to come check us out in person if that helps your decision at all.

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Country Facility

Located two miles southwest of Elk Mound, our facility provides your pet with a quiet country setting, fresh air, sunshine, and room to run in our secure huge yards.

We totally embrace our small town, "Down Home" feel!

Group playtime is included at no extra charge and your dog gets however much you think they would like. 🙂

Group playtime with other dogs is totally optional for your dog and if you'd rather they go out by themselves, that's okay too.

Your dog's safety is our number one biggest priority. Making sure nothing bad happens to your little loved one is what is most important to us.

Proud to say that after 15 years in business, we have a flawless track record of never having something bad happening to your dog when it comes to their safety and well-being. 🙂

If you would like group playtime, know that your dog goes through a 4 step evaluation safety process to ensure that they are compatible with the other dog(s) they'd be playing with outside.

Cat Boarding

Our cat Suites are a large, safe, fun environment, for your pet or pets to stay while you are away. Each suite is furnished with a large cat tree, a large stainless steel litter box and stainless steel bowls. We provide cat litter and love, you provide your pet's food and any medication.

Cat boarding is $20 per night for the 1st cat, $10 per cat for each additional cat in the same suite.

Wagging Tail Ranch is located on a quiet 8.5 acre country setting with plenty of room to run and play. We have two fully enclosed outdoor play yards with 7 foot heavy chain link fencing to help keep your pet safe and secure.

If you think your dog having "Wide open spaces" to run and play in between some rest and relaxation is a good idea, then we are the place for you! 


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