Dog Boarding

Luxury Suites and Bunkhouse Boarding for your dog. Suites are rooms with tiled walls and floors, glass doors and furnished with Toddler beds, blankets and pillows. Best for older, introverted and short haired dogs as they tend to run a little warmer than the bunk house. Bunkhouse boarding is for the more active, extroverted pet or those with more anxiety. We provide your pet with a korunda bed and blanket [if appropriate]. If your dog is an extrovert who loves to know what's going on, the bunk house is the place to be. Regardless of where your pet stays, they will get plenty of fresh water, attention and time out side. If you are unsure if your dog would be more comfortable in the Suites or bunk house, ask us! We would be happy to let you know where your pet seems most comfortable. If your pet has a heavy coat, tends towards chewing or thinks they are a rock star, they will be happier in the bunk house.

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Country Facility

Located two miles southwest of Elk Mound, our facility provides your pet with a quiet country setting, fresh air, sunshine, and room to run in our two secure kennel runs. We also have a 10x10 covered pagoda for our extra tiny guests to enjoy some fresh air in an environment protected from large birds or other hazards.

Cat Boarding

Our cat Suites are a large, safe, fun environment, for your pet or pets to stay while you are away. Each suite is furnished with a large cat tree, a large stainless steel litter box and stainless steel bowls. We provide cat litter and love, you provide your pet's food and any medication.

Cat boarding is $20 per night for the 1st cat, $10 per cat for each additional cat in the same suite.

 Wagging Tail Ranch is located on a quiet 8.5 acre country setting with room to romp and play. We have two fully enclosed outdoor play grounds with 7 foot heavy chain link fencing to help keep your pet safe and secure. 


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Important Notice:


Wagging Tail Ranch LLC [Christa and Jim] and Shampoochies LLC [Bethany and Erick Spiegel] will be working together to get us all through the Covid19 situation that we all find ourselves in.
As of August 1st, Bethany, our long time employee and her husband will be operating Wagging Tail Ranch [with our assistance] until further notice, and your checks should be made payable to "Shampoochies" when your pet stays with us.
As part of the travel industry, we have taken this action to keep WTR running without interruption [hopefully] during this time. We are a small staff and we are attempting to make sure that we don't all end up quarantined at the same time, in the event of an exposure.
Jim and I have confidence that Bethany and Erick will be able to provide you with the same quality care that your pet has enjoyed from the beginning!
We will be continuing our curbside drop off and pick up during business hours by appointment.
If you have any questions, please feel free to call or text the dog house at 715-879-4554.