My pet has allergies or needs medication? Do you charge extra for this?

Nope. This is included in the price of your stay and it's our job to make sure your pet is well taken care of. To make sure there aren't any issues, it would be great if you brought a pill planner for your dog's meds, but this isn't necessary and we have some here that we'll use.

 Do you charge extra for play time?

The short of it, no, we do not. 🙂 Once again, this is included in the price of your dog's stay. We don't have the cheapest nor the most expensive rates around. We are right in the middle but our goal is to pack as much love, care, entertainment, attention, value and "bang for your buck" into those rates that we can, so that your loved pet not only has a safe and secure stay, but has a tail wagging good time too! 🙂

No offense to how some other facilities might do it but they might have a lower base rate for boarding but charge extra for play time or other add-ons.

If your dog is really cute and sweet and we can't help but cuddle and play with them... we're going to go ahead and love up on them. 🙂

We don't feel like you should be charged for that, you know what I mean?

We love dogs here and can't get enough!

We try to assess your pet's unique needs and wants and customize their stay based on that. Also, what you, their loving owner, would like!

 Will my dog be able to play with other dogs?

If you have indicated that you would like your dog to play with others, we will assess your dog and do our best to make that happen. All dogs go through a 4 step evaluation process before going out with other dogs. This is to ensure that no fights break out between dogs that aren't compatible.

After all, your dog's safety and well being is our top priority.

If your dog is more introverted or doesn't care too much for other dogs or group play, then it's perfectly okay for them to go out by themselves.

We do our best to match personalities, size and activity levels to make sure that your dog has a playmate. However, this may not always be possible and your dog may give us clear indications that it is not what he wants.

We never force group play time if you or your dog doesn't want it.

Even doing our best, dogs can be unpredictable, fights can happen and injuries can occur. Please be aware of that possibility when making your decision regarding playtime. If we decide that it is not in the best interest of your pet or our other guests for your pet to interact, please respect our judgment.

What vaccinations are required for my pet to stay at Wagging Tail Ranch?

Dogs require a current Rabies vaccination Distemper vaccine (DHLPP). Also a Bordetella vaccine please. Other vaccines may be recommended by your Vet or required if a virus is active in our area.

Cats require a current rabies vaccine and feline distemper. Your cat will not be interacting with other cats while they are in our facility, just so you know.

 What does it cost for my pet to stay at WTR?

Please click over onto the 'Boarding' section for your options there and the cost


 How do I pay for my pet's stay?

We accept Cash, Check, or Credit/Debit via Square. Also we have joined the "cool kids club" and do Venmo and Paypal.

Although we can't accept Bitcoin just yet 😉

 How many times is my pet going to be outside per day?

Awesome question - Your dog will be let outside to play or go to the bathroom at least 4-8 times a day. There's no time limit or restrictions on how long they can be outside, but the average tends to be around 10-15 minutes, in case you were wondering.