What if I have an emergency and need my pet boarded? 

At WTR we understand that life happens and you are not able to predict when have an emergency. We try to keep several bunks available for our clients so that your pet does not need to go to a strange place when your family has a crisis. We hope this never happens to you but if it does, please call us and we will do whatever we can to help you make sure your pet is safe so that you can do what needs to be done. Sorry, but poor planning and forgetting about the dogs so you can go on a cruise doesn't apply. These are reserved for true emergencies.

 My pet has allergies or medication? Do you charge extra to administer?

No, we can give oral medication, or injections prescribed by your vet.

 Do you charge extra for play time?

Many facilities have a lower base rate for boarding but charge extra for play time. This is because many dogs, such as old dogs or introverted dogs really just want some one on one belly rubs or ear scratches from us. They want to go out, do their thing and get back in their bunk. Other dogs want to run, play and interact. We try to assess your pet's unique needs and meet those needs. Some facilities, because of the way they are set up may charge for extra staff to cover play time whereas we do not.

 Will my dog be able to play with other dogs?

If you have indicated that you would like your dog to play with others, we will assess your dog and do our best to make that happen. However, your dog may be more introverted in a boarding situation than they are at playtime when you are present to give them confidence. It is actually quite common for a dog to be a bit afraid and not wish to interact. We do our best to match personalities, size and activity levels to make sure that your dog has a playmate. However, this may not always be possible and your dog may give us clear indications that it is not what he wants. Even doing our best, dogs can be unpredictable, fights can happen and injuries can occur. Please be aware of that possibility when making your decision regarding playtime. If we decide that it is not in the best interest of your pet or our other guests for your pet to interact, please respect our judgment. We do reassess pets from time to time. Your pet may not be interested if they come rarely but as they get used to boarding they may look forward to meeting new friends and seeing old ones.

What vaccinations are required for my pet to stay at WTR?

Dogs require a current Rabies vaccination and a minimum Distemper 5 way vaccine. Other vaccines may be recommended by your Vet or required if a virus is active in our area.

Cats require a current rabies vaccine and feline distemper. Your cat will not be interacting with other cats while they are in our facility.

 What does it cost for my pet to stay at WTR?

Our rates are charged by the night, not by the day. This means if your dog comes in during our AM hours and leaves any time the following day, you will be charged for 1 night.  Suite prices are $30 per night for the first dog, and $25 per night for each additional dog, depending on the number of your dogs you wish to board together. Bunk house boarding is $25 per night for the 1st dog and $20 per night for each additional dog.  Cats Suites are $20 per night for the 1st cat and $10 per night for each additional cat in the same Suite.  All prices include sales tax.

 How do I pay for my pet's stay?

We accept Cash, Check, or Credit/Debit via Square.

 How many times is my pet going to be outside per day?

Your dog will be let outside to play/potty at least 4-6 times a day.